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Stark Street Annual Market

Starting Thanksgiving weekend, Stark Street hosts its annual sale featuring a plethora of ceramic artists and artisan goods. 

Weekends, November 24th - December 24th 

Stark Street Studios

Tacoma Clay Art Award

Tacoma Clay Art Center in Tacoma, Washington awards Jan Rentenaar with the Clay Art Award in April of 2023, gaining a permanent position in their collection. 

Tacoma Clay Art Center

Bonsai Mirai - Asymmetry Podcast

Jan Rentenaar—a local ceramicist and art legend, joins us to celebrate the release of her latest collection of ceramics in collaboration with Mirai. We chat about her introduction to art, her ceramic process, and what motivates her as an artist. 

Celebration of Creativity Art Show

Join us in 2024 in Beaverton, Oregon for a celebration of creativity at the 45th annual fine arts exhibits and sale. 

February 29th - March 3rd, 2024
Celebration of Creativity

Bonsai Mirai Featured Artist

Containers for sale through Bonsai Mirai by Oregon ceramicist Jan Rentenaar combine the ruggedness of nature with the refined beauty of an incredibly artistic eye. Magnificent organic forms pull inspiration from her Pacific Northwest environment and from other natural elements. 

Shop Here

Bonsai Mirai Short Film

An artist and sculptor, Jan Rentenaar creates beautiful, free-form bonsai ceramics that challenge the traditional forms we are accustomed to seeing. From the formation of the containers to the intensity of the wood-firing process in Hiroshi Ogawa's Anagama kiln, watch how these works of art come to life through a contemporary re-imagining of an ancient tradition.

Watch Now

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